Change Log

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Aug 30, 2024



New Download any icon as SVG ( Font Awesome )

New Generate Premium Font Awesome CDN and use icon directly

Aug 09, 2024

Update and Fixes


New Added Animated Lottie Download for (IconScout) in JSON.

New Added Copy SVG button to copy code directly (FlatIcon).

Update Added Error Message for non-supported icons.

Update Improved performance in IconScout.

Apr 13, 2023

Iconify - the beginning


New Added popup message for error.

New Added animations to download button.

New Added custom download button.

New Added support for IconScout.

New Added support for Icons8.

New Added support for Microsoft Edge.

New All new Iconify known as Flaticon Premium.

Update Updated to manifest version 3.0

Update Updated from server dependent to local.